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Swim With Dolphins Mexico
Swim With Dolphins Mexico
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Did you know?
- That 1% of the species of fish in the world are sharks.

- That a Whale Shark can filter about 25,000 gal of water an hour.

- That sharks are colour blind, and they cannot swim backwards as other fish.

- That the Great White Shark has a biding strength at several tonnes a cm2 (several tonnes a sq inch).

- That an eight-year-old boy from Florida lost his arm to a Bull Shark, but the shark was captured and the boy's arm was sewn back on.



It is time to slow down activity and speed up your heartbeat in a close encounter with one of nature’s most impressive, amazing and magnetic creatures. You will have the opportunity to be near the king of the ocean and learn about him, while sharing in its natural habitat.

The bull and nurse sharks you will meet in this snorkel encounter appear to sleep with their eyes open. It is a phenomenon you can see in the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks at Isla Mujeres’ underwater surrounds.

There is nothing to fear as you immerse yourself, but you will feel reverence and lots of admiration for these wild creatures who have been around longer than most, for around 400 millions of years in fact, developing their bodies and senses, becoming a perfect aerodynamic machine to move very fast through the water. It is knows that fish and marine mammals have a sixth sense that in sharks are very developed. They also head the nutritional chain as the superior, silent and oldest marine predators of the planet. Ironically, they are in extinction danger.

You will be awestruck to watch them into their domains at Isla Mujeres. This is another adventure to enjoy in the magical and bewitching underwater kingdom at a place that is both safe and fun.